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With over 25 years of corporate management training, development and delivery skills, YOGAWAKENED owner, Vicki Herron, designs and delivers professional, effective, Yoga Alliance standard materials with measurable results. She has been practicing yoga for almost 15 years, is a member of Yoga Alliance, International Association of Yoga Therapists, and an  E-RYT 500 Hour Instructor.  She has extensive background and numerous certifications in the design and delivery of training materials and teacher certification programs.  Her background also includes organizational change, coaching and management skills. 

With her extensive background in corporate training and a passion for learning, teaching and yoga, Vicki Herron ensures learner success through use of advanced learning techniques developed to promote retention and delivery. These learning techniques have been tried and tested at Fortune 500 Companies and are incorporated into the training material design.

Why professional training materials?

With over 3000 yoga certification programs registered with Yoga Alliance alone, the competition to attract and certify student teachers is higher than ever.  Prospective teachers have choices and they want the very best for their investment.  As an individual yoga teacher, your competition has never been greater. 

Professional training materials ensure ~

Your studio's opportunity to be the premier provider of teacher training programs in your area.

Your teacher certification  program meets or exceeds Yoga Alliance Standards.

Individual learning styles are addressed and prospective teachers learn to teach.

All the key elements to teaching yoga are not only part of your studio's curriculum, but become tangible skills at the program's end.

You have the tools to continuously develop and hone skill levels during teacher meetings or workshops.

Your goals as a yoga instructor can be easily fast-tracked with professional, confidential targeted feedback.  It's difficult to receive honest, accurate feedback regarding your teaching style, why not hear it from a professional, experienced yoga instructor in a constructive manner that will help you accomplish your goals?  Lead your classes with confidence and an understanding of all the elements that a great class delivers.

Individual yoga teacher coaching is also available and is based on the the 8 Limbs of Yoga and certified Strong Foundation coaching skills. 

YOGAWAKENED offers training, development and coaching services to individual yoga instructors as well.  Fast track your skills as

a new instructor or add-on advanced teaching and alignment skills.  This is very affordable, individual feedback that has the potential to  improve your teaching skills, prepare you to deliver private instruction or coach you to build your yoga business.  YOGAWAKENED can help you become more successful at what you do!  Call or write today for a quote. 

YOGAWAKENED training materials move beyond script handouts and multi-font layouts.  Our materials are designed to teach students to learn.**  

With our expertise, you determine the content of your Technique, Methodology and Philosophy Hours and we do the work to provide your studio with clean, professionally developed training materials.  The materials will not only meet/exceed YA  standards but  will motivate prospective students to learn and share their success with others.

Our training materials, your studio's name ~ One high standard. 

SO THEY MAY teach yoga

SO THEY MAY be yoga



Our Mission -


* **  Critical Yoga Teaching Elements have been designed specifically for prospective yoga teachers.  These elements enhance knowledge, skills, abilities and retention and are incorporated into material design.

Based on a studio's need, YOGAWAKENED provides part or the whole spectrum of yoga training services, from design/development to delivery/measurement. 

Services offered:

Design/Development - student guides, teacher guides, handouts, and testing formats that meet YA standards.

Train the Trainer - not able to be present during the certification process?  Ensure your teachers are teaching how and what you would like them to through use of an instructor guide driven course or have your trainers who conduct your teacher program certified to teach.    

Train the Yoga Instructor - ensure your yoga teachers have the knowledge, skills and ability to lead your yoga students through a comprehensible sequence and are equipped to handle various classroom situations.  Use mentoring services to shorten a teacher's learning curve.

Revision Services - incorporate Critical YOGA Teaching Elements* key to instructing Yoga, learning tools and techniques, as well as professional document services into your current teacher training program.

In-house Training - manage your studio while your training program is in good hands!

Individual Yoga Teacher Coaching - receive training and critical feedback from an experienced instructor, mentor and professional coach.  Coaching services can raise your standards related to teaching and deepen individual practice.

YOGAWAKENED's  Commitment -

Ensure your teacher certification program meets or exceeds Yoga Alliance Standards.

Build a reputation of having a high teacher training standard.

Address individual learning styles.

Encourage retention and expand your teacher base.

Measure a teacher's readiness level to teach.

Incorporate the key elements to teaching yoga.

Cover all the essential knowledge, skills  and abilities required to lead a practice.

Call Yogawakened today or email below.  Namaste.